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Jilted Generation Tunnels

Jilted Generation Tunnels

210 Kn 29 Kn 20 Kn -90%
Sniženje završava Dana Sati Minute Sekunde


  • 1.2mm 7 - 12 dana
  • 16mm 7 - 12 dana
  • 6mm 7 - 12 dana
  • 4mm 7 - 12 dana
  • 2mm 7 - 12 dana
  • 18mm 7 - 12 dana

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Jilted Generation Tunnels

Šifra proizvoda: 75859290

Jilted Generation Tunnels
These Pulp Tunnels come in a variety of styles and forms – The mirror polished surgical steel screw fit flesh tunnel. The metallic design is diversified with a contrasting black dot in the centre. The surgical steel design is a common favourite due to the ease to clean and lack of probability it will bend.
-The highly polished surgical steel double flared flesh tunnels that allow for a solid and secure fit. They are a common favourite for stretched ears as they are easy to clean and are less likely to bend or deform, keeping a good shape in your ear.
- The highly polished surgical steel single flesh tunnel with rubber O-ring, one end is flared and one end has an O-ring, this creates a highly secure tunnel that is unlikely to move about unnecessarily and helps prevent loss. The surgical steel is unlikely to be reactive and is easy to clean.

> Tunnels
> Sizes: 1.20mm, 2mm, 4mm, 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, (Subject to availability)
> Metallic design
> Numerous designs to choose from (Subject to availability)
> Screw fit
> Flared
> O-Ring
> High quality


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