Men's ankle shoes GEOX HILSTONE A - FACTCOOL
Men's ankle shoes GEOX HILSTONE A

Men's ankle shoes GEOX HILSTONE A

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Men's ankle shoes GEOX HILSTONE A

Šifra proizvoda: GEU845THC9999

Boja: crna

Men's ankle boots GEOX.
Well-padded upper to the foot of natural leather - lined, ecological leather. Inside the shoes are fur, warming, textiles.
- Advantage of wearing thanks to the insert: warming, foam.
- High quality outsole, its main component is high quality material.
- Model equipped with Amphibiox, Geox Respiro.
- Perfect design, their slender lines add to shoe chic.

Amphibiox features advanced waterproof technology from the world of professional outdoor wear hidden in the form of a fashionable shoe. Be ready for everything the city throws at you, with Amphibiox, the perfect footwear choice for any condition. Amphibiox is top of the range in terms of Geox’s waterproof products. It stands out from other waterproof shoes by employing the use of Geox’s pioneering waterproof and breathable sole, pairing it with a series of innovative technologies (including some of Geox’s own patents) on the upper, in order to achieve durable water resistance and breathability. The special Amphibiox membrane protects against rain, mud and snow, leaving your foot completely dry. The high breathability helps with natural internal temperature regulation, removing moisture from the shoe and guaranteeing freshness or warmth depending on the external temperature. These shoes feature a thermal lining that can protect against even the harshest temperatures. GEOX technology at the service of comfort and practicality.
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